Privacy and Cookie Policy

Joutsin tila / Business ID: 2355060-3

Who Are We?

Our website can be found at: The register is maintained by Joakim Joutsi, who you can contact on any matters regarding the register at:

What Information Do We Gather and Why?


When a user of our site leaves a comment on the site, we gather the information recorded in the comment field, as well as the user’s IP-address and browser version information to help us identify spam messages.

As a user leaves a comment to this site, we gather the information visible in the comment fields, the IP-address and information on the browser version. The anonymised hash created from the email address can be sent to the Gravatar service, to check if the commenter is a user of the service. The privacy policy for Gravatar can be found at:


If you are uploading images to this website, you should avoid uploading images, where the file format includes information on location (EXIF GPS). The visitors to this site can download images from this site and access any location information saved in the image file formats.

Content Imbedded from Other Websites

The articles on this website can include embedded content (such as videos, images, articles, etc.). Opening content embedded from other sites is equivalent to the visitor visiting third party websites.

These sites can gather information about you, use cookies, imbed third party cookies and monitor your communication using imbedded content, including gathering data on your communication if and when you have logged in on the site as a user.

Who Do We Share Data About You With?

How Long Do We Hold Onto Our Data?

If you leave a comment on our website, the comment and meta information about it is kept in our register indefinitely. This is done so that we can identify and approve of any further comments automatically rather than keeping them in the moderating queue.

We keep hold of the user profile information of all registered users (if there are any). All users have the opportunity to view, edit and delete their own personal information anytime. Only the username cannot be changed. The administrators of the website can view and edit information on user profiles.

What Rights Do You Have Regarding the Data We Hold About You?

If you have a user account on this website or you have left any comments on the site, you can request for a summary file, including all of the personal data you have given us. You can also request your personal data to be removed from our register. The right to request the removal of your personal data from our register does not apply to data we are required to hold on to due reasons relating to privacy policy law or other juridical reasons.

Where Do We Send Data About You?

The website visitors’ comments can be monitored through an automated spam prevention software.

Rekisteri pohjaa asiakkaiden omaan yhteydenottoon sähköpostilla tai puhelimella tai vierailuun sivustolla

Our register is based on information provided by clients contacting us via email or phone or through visiting our website at registered data is used for receiving and delivering product orders, billing and moderating the website.

In practice, our register is an email contact list or a list gathered from email communication, containing information about any person who has contacted our company via email. The data we gather includes the person’s email address, often their name and occasionally their phone number. You can read more information on the data gathering done through the website on the chapters above.

As a rule we do not pass data from our register over to third parties. You can request for your personal data to be removed from our register.

Billing information is kept in our registered for a period of time required by law.

The computer containing our register data is password protected and our email account requires login information. The computer is located in a locked facility. The phone connected to our email account is password protected.